Address certificates

Pricelist of the services offered by GIS - Sofia Ltd. /valid from 01.01.2018/

Description of the servicePrice of a regular service incl. VAT /in BGN/Time scope
Code of the service
Determining a new address of a property for non-residential use 28.20 BGN

10 working days
/3 WD/

An address certificate for a property or for identity between an old and a new address of a property or for identity between an old and a new name of a street 12.00 BGN 10 WD
/3 WD/
Certificate for identifying a position and outline of an independent unit by document of ownership, with an included inspection and provided access to the site in case plans of the independent units are present, in accordance with Art. 29, Par. 2 of the Cadastre and Property Register Act 30.00 BGN 15 WD
/7 WD/
Providing services according to specific client requirements Price is negotiable Negotiable 79


1. All prices are inclusive of VAT.

2. Express services are priced at double the cost of the respective service.

3. The service is paid at the time of application, except for services which require prior research, namely the services in Section III "Composite plans” and Section IV “Issuing address certificates and street naming”. For these services a fee for research is paid at first - 12.00 BGN and 24.00 BGN for those cases in which data is to be obtained from the Cadastral Map and Cadastral Registers, which is not refundable. The additional payment to the full amount of the price of the service is made when receiving the respective document.

4. Apart form the prices listed above, for a certified copy of issued documents a price of 1.20 BGN per sheet will be payable.

5. If for the service under item 60 is arranged a view which is not due to the fault of the applicant (unsecured access within the boundaries of the site, delay of more than 15 minutes or others) the execution of each subsequent inspection shall be declared and paid 20 BGN extra. The request for additional inspection shall be further complemented by the applicant on the application.