Geodetic surveying

 Pricelist of the services offered by GIS - Sofia Ltd. /valid from 01.01.2018/

Description of the servicePrice of a regular service incl. VAT /in BGN/Time scope
Code of the service

Transforming coordinates of points between the Coordinate frame of Sofia, Coordinate system of 1970 and Cadastral coordinate system 2005

Converting a file

1.20 BGN for 1 point


12.00 BGN per file

2 working days /WD/ 39
Setting out and marking the boundaries of a plot of land (includes the price of the permanent signs by which the points of the boundaries of the plot of land are materially represented)

200.00 BGN for a plot of land up to 6 points of boundaries + 9.00 BGN per each point of the boundaries (for properties exceeding 5 decares and over 6 points – Price is negotiable)

+ the fee for received source data from AGCC for boundaries according cadastral map
22 WD 42
Surveying a boundary of a plot of land or a building Price is negotiable, but not less than 150.00 BGN 22 WD 43
Providing services according to specific client requirements Price is negotiable Negotiable 79


1. All prices are inclusive of VAT.

2. The service is paid at the time of application, except for services listed in Section II, p. 42-49, for which the amount payable on application is 50% of the price of the requested service.