NEW in iSofMap - Added "Low Emission Zones" thematic map


The map of Low Emission Zones provides access to two layers of information: restrictions on the crossing and movement of motor vehicles and the forbidden zones of the use of solid fuels for domestic heating.

The new map is included by default in the iSofMap and users do not need to select it to navigate the bans. By using the Information button, you can see information about the restrictions, the period of the restrictions, when they come into effect and what exceptions are provided. The application also allows a specific search by address, which positions the user on the map and shows the corresponding restriction zone.

 The restrictions applies from 1st December, 2023 till the end of february, 2024 for the oldest and  most polluting vehicles.

The requirements are in connection with the "Ordinance on the creation of zones with low emissions of harmful substances in the atmospheric air on the territory of Sofia Municipality, adopted by decision No. 931 of the Metropolitan Municipal Council of 15.12.2022.