Electronic register of architectural documents

As a contractor within Operative Programme "Administrative Capacity" of the EU under the project for "Improving the quality of administrative services of the Administrative Department of the Directorate of Architecture and Town Planning within Sofia Municipality by easing of the regulatory frameworks and the development of an electronic registry", GIS – Sofia Ltd. designed and developed a database and an electronic register of architectural documents for all types of sites stored in the archives of the Architecture and Urban Spatial Development Service – Sofia Municipality.

A unified structure of documents has been created for all types of sites in the archives of the AUSDS. Buildings, infrastructure, point, line and network sites and facilities, temporary and movable facilities are organized into a unified structure which allows additions to the database of each of the types of sites at a later stage.

ERAD supports several types of identification descriptions of sites, and respectively several ways to access them. It is enough for the user to indicate the building of interest on the graph in an ERAD environment or to fill in to search for current or former location descriptors - cadastral number or cadastral sheet from a cadastral plan, area and plot (Regulated plot of land - RPL) from the regulation plan or elements of an administrative address. As a result, the object is displayed on the map and information is received about the place in the archive (room and locker) where the folders with relevant documents to it are.

The created electronic register also allows:

- Review of the scanned images of all documents for the site, regardless of how and in how many places they are ordered in the archive;
- Printing documents in various sizes and scales according to the client’s needs;
- Maintenance of multi-user access - according to their rights, the user has access to one piece of information or another.

By the end of July 2013, about 1/10 of all the information available in the archives of the AUSDS of Sofia Municipality was fed into ERAD - 6100 buildings and items of infrastructure, arranged in 5300 binders and over 1.33 million drawings and other documents have been scanned.

At present GIS - Sofia Ltd. continues with the feeding of ERAD. Аll the sites included in the electronic register are published on the Internet in real time