Information layers

SOFCAR maintains and combines diverse and impressive in scope geospatial information, on the basis of which we create specialized geographic databases tailored to the specific requirements of our customers.

The data which is daily maintained and updated in SOFCAR pertains to:

-  boundaries, size, cadastral number, permanent purpose, permanent use and address of the properties

-  outlines, size, cadastral number, floors, structure, purpose and address of the buildings

-  the owners and holders of limited real rights on the properties, as well as about the documents by means of which they identify themselves

- underground distributions lines and facilities, including water supply network, sewerage network; heat transfer, steam transfer, gas networks, low voltage and high voltage network; installation collectors

- information on monuments, thermal springs, advertising installations, postcodes, polling stations and others.

All geospatial data is maintained in a single easily accessible digital format, which allows for cross, multivariable analyzes, spatial patterns research for evaluating and justifying management decisions in planning and management of the territory.