Electronic register of the municipal property acts

As a contractor on a contract with Sofia Municipality for the ongoing maintenance of the SOFCAR system and the databases in it, GIS-Sofia Ltd. develops and maintains up to date database and electronic register of the municipal property acts (MPA) for the whole territory of Sofia Municipality (SM). 

The design and construction of the database and the electronic register of municipal property of SM started in 2004 and were finally completed in late 2007. After the initial installation, the database for each area of SM is updated once a month by employees of GIS - Sofia Ltd. The change in ownership of the property is reflected in a timely manner, also keeping a connection with previously created acts for the same property.

The created database provides opportunities for:

- Updating the MPA in accordance with all endorsements on the act made ​​in the areas of SM
- Printing copies from the MPA
- Exploring the MPA and municipal properties in the system according to various criteria
- Creating registers
- References – set filter lists – for example "all municipal plots along Aresenalski Blvd. on which there is an established right to build”

- Drawing maps of municipal property by different criteria
- Connection between the images of the municipal property on the map and all MPAs issued for them over the years.

As of 31.07.2013, in the system there is information on about 44,000 municipal properties throughout SM, for which 35,000 municipal property acts have been made.

The information about MPA of SM is published in an Internet-register on the site of Sofia Municipality and on the site of GIS - Sofia Ltd. Since the end of 2013, Internet users will be able to view a map of each municipal property from the register.