Manual Sketches and Handrises in iSofMap

Manual Sketches and Handrises in iSofMap 01.03.2018

From 01.03.2018 the iSofMap system is complemented by another Thematic Map - Manual Sketches and Handrises.

The new thematic map contins two information layers "Manual Sketches" and "Handrises". They are visualized as polygons and displayed on the map at Scale 1: 20,000 or less. The layers are not included by default, and if the data is of interest to the users, they should select them.

Using the Info button, users can freely see data for a manual sketch or handris such as number, scale, year of capture and year of update, location, neighborhood, and more.

Scanned images of manual sketches and handrises, as well as scanned images of folder schemas for the hand-drawn sketches, and the back of the Handrises are also attached.